About BSA (EN)

Bond voor Studenten Actie

the first real student party of The Hague.

BSA was founded by students, with real student representation in The Hague as main goal. Because only students know how it is to be a student today. That is why BSA consists only of students, from all levels of education. That goes for both our organization as well as our Candidates. We believe that it is imperative to make sure that students in The Hague have a voice. And within BSA we will listen to students, because we áre students.

If you want to know more about the changes we want to make, to create a better environment for students in The Hague, check out our Programme.

Are you interested in helping us make the city a better place, do you have amazing ideas we nééd to hear about, or do you want your voice to be heard? Contact us via email, on Facebook, or Twitter

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