Active The Hague

More cooperation between sports associations and students, facilitate the organisation of sports events, construction of new sports facilities for students. And much more.

Sport is an important part of our lives. It contributes to a healthy, active lifestyle, brings people together and makes us mentally stronger. Reason enough to get more people to be active in The Hague!

We are glad to see many big sports-events being organized every year. These events attract many visitors, and further helps to put The Hague on the map as an active city. Although we support these endeavours, there is always room for improvement. We believe more effort should be put into the maintenance and creation of sports-associations. This means playing a more active role in ensuring that sports are accessible to everyone. Currently, there are only a few sport-associations for students in existence and they often have difficulties keeping up an active member base. Other associations have similar struggles. They too have difficulties coming up with the money for their facilities or are forced to ask for a higher fee from their members. That needs to change!

The municipality must actively step forward to initiate and guide cooperation between different associations. This can help people share facilities, organize events together and provide more effective outreach to our youth.

In the Sports memorandum (sportnota 2015-2030), The municipality has set out to provide and tailor sports to different age-groups and people with disabilities (in order to promote inclusion). However, this memorandum has not taken in account expats and (international) students, who often find it hard to connect with Dutch sports-associations. We believe more effort can be put in reaching out to expats and international students to provide them with the same opportunities.

To make this a reality, Bond voor Studenten Actie wants to undertake the following actions:

  • Initiate and guide cooperation efforts between different sports-associations (for students or otherwise) to encourage facility sharing and joint outreach.
  • Attention for the growth of student sports-initiatives and an Active promotion of student sports-initiatives by the municipality
  • A more active role of the municipality in facilitating organization of large (student) sports events.
  • Attention from the municipality for the opportunities of internationals in finding suitable sports accommodations.
  • The municipality should include the construction of new (student) sports facilities in its sports-policy