Francesco Fenoglio

_DSC0045 (1)giustaI am Francesco, twenty-years-old from Turin (Italy). I moved to The Hague in September 2016, to follow the Bachelor International Studies, offered by Leiden University. I have a deep interest in politics, policy-making, and economics. I am also one of the founders of Bond voor Studenten Actie. I personally experienced many difficulties that come with studying in The Hague. It is difficult to find affordable houses or to come by the information you need to stay in the Netherlands. However, I also see the potential of this city. There are many talented people here from all over the world, bringing their ideas and cultures to The Hague. I want to build this bridge between the students and the city council. Student representation in the city council can help solve these problems and give people the opportunity to develop themselves and The Hague! This will benefit not just students, but everyone here. Bond voor Studenten Actie will also bring the international perspective that lacks in the city council.