Culture & Nightlife

A space for the expression of everybody, expanding opening times for restaurants and bars, reconsider the non-drinking policy in the center of the city, free entrance for museums in The Hague if you’re studying. And much more.

We truly feel that The Hague should become a far more vibrant city.

From what we have gathered, students and young professionals desire a richer and more vibrant social environment. In general, it is quite common that this group is far more socially active at later hours. Unfortunately, the social life in the Hague is currently in a poor state. Some progress has been made with the recent policy changes (horecabeleid 2016). However, there are still many students that flee the city in search of the social life that is clearly lacking here. This asks for a drastic rethinking of the current trajectory of the city!

We believe the rules for bars and restaurants are in desperate need of change. Opening times in the inner city should be expanded and facilities such as student-bars should be facilitated. The social life in the Hague must become fun, lively and affordable!  

In addition to a richer social life, it is important for young people to engage with the culture and history The Hague has to offer. To strengthen this engagement, cultural institutions should be made far more attractive and accessible. This can be achieved by providing discounts to entry fees or even allowing for free access to venues with a student-ID. In addition, we want to provide funds to further modernise existing cultural institutions (such as The Hague history museum, Mauritshuis or the Municipal Museum). This has already been done to museums in Amsterdam and has proven successful.

On the other hand, the creativity of students and young professionals enriches The Hague as well. We recognize the tremendous amount of talent hiding among the youth in our city and envision spaces in which they are given the opportunity to showcase their art. Liberate (art) projects from the confines of schools and theaters –  Public spaces throughout the city must be used as a platform for the creativity of our youth!

Better cooperation between the municipality and students or institutions with a focus on art is important. It allows us to offer our youth the possibility to proudly display their works, and add more flair to our city.

To make this a reality, Bond voor Studenten Actie wants to undertake the following actions:

  • Rules for (opening times of) venues in the inner city need to be relaxed.
  • The municipality should be proactive in improving the city life, by cooperating with educational institutions and student-associations to facilitate initiatives such as a student bar.
  • Better cooperation between venues in the inner city, student-initiatives, associations, and resident-associations.
  • Better cooperation between the municipality and art-related educational institutions, such as the KABK (Royal arts academy), Conservatorium and Theater education.
  • More public spaces where young people can express themselves and present their (art) projects.
  • Start a student-run initiative that checks which (art) projects are being undertaken by students.
  • Cheaper entry at cultural institutions for young people, free entry with your student-ID from an educational institution in The Hague.