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Wherever you are in The Hague, you will find young people and students everywhere.

Whether you are cycling in the city, studying in the library or reading in the park. Even though The Hague, traditionally, was not a student city, we have seen it become more and more popular among students. The increasing number of students and young professionals in The Hague makes it economically and culturally a stronger city.

Although the increasing number of talented youth in the Hague brings forth innovation and change, this also poses a challenge. It is up to us to make sure that students and young professionals in The Hague have the possibilities to grow and develop themselves. That means shaping an environment where youth can feel at home. An environment that offers opportunities, by stimulating innovation and progress. That means bridging the gap between youth and the municipality by communicating more effectively with youth and organizations such as student and youth initiatives, organisations and study- and student associations.

This is where our party comes into play: Bond voor Studenten Actie – Union for Student Action. Our party wishes to become that bridge between the municipality and students (hence our name, BSA). We are fully aware of the passion, energy, and knowledge that students have and we wish to put that to better use. This means that we envision a future in which students and young professionals are involved in the process of devising, planning and executing policies. We believe that the voices of students and young professionals should be heard more than once every four years during elections. We wish to become a bridge to this voiceless population of The Hague, bringing their concerns to the ice palace that is the municipality.

In doing so, we believe that The Hague will become a city where the voice of the youth is truly heard. A city where you can realise your full potential, and actively influence change.

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