Think Tank

Welcome to The Hague Student Think Tank, a new project started in 2017.

The Hague Student Think Tank was created as a direct response to the current housing crisis in The Hague. It brings policy proposals shaped around student needs to the city council. The Think Tank will look beyond housing, touching upon areas such as access to information, sustainability, community spaces and ways to integrate student research into policymaking.

We wish to empower as many students and researchers at making The Hague a liveable city for all, including students. This will be achieved, amongst other things, by organising expert panels, public forums and polling the local student population. The forums will serve to endow students with a voice and bring more issues to the Think Tank’s attention, which will then be directly translated into policy.

We are excited to be bringing you this project, and cannot wait to share more news and events with you in the coming weeks!


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